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We Do a Lot to Make All Childern of the World Happy

To bring Meaningful purpose and well being to the lives of the people through the SERVICE, PEACE, PURITY, UNITY IN DIVERSITY and Patriotism to our nation and well being by reconciling mankind to each other and to God.
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The Aman street children project aims to address the issues of street and working children in Delhi. Their lives are precarious, prone to harassment and full of despair. The primary target population of the project is children below 18 years who are involved in all types labour activities in all the part of Ngo in Delhi.

The Projects strategy includes Prevention, Protection and Advocacy

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Our Services

Quality Programs

Aman Ngo strongly believes that every child, irrespective of economic status, has the right to education. With that in mind, there is no greater travesty than children being denied education.

Special Child Care

A child is autistic when he or she faces problem in communication, socialisation and flexibility. An autistic child cannot express his feelings and find difficulties in coding different messages.

Special Education

The child may have a disability. By law, schools must provide special help to eligible children with disabilities. This help is called special education and related services.

Let the Learning Begin

Give, so that aman ngo can be kids. Be a part of our movement and help transform lives through the power of play.

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