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Aman NGO is an National humanitarian NGO working since March 2012 to create lasting change in the lives of women’s, Children’s, families and communities, living in poverty and in justice. Aman NGO seeks fullness of life filled with dignity, justice, peace and hope for every girl and boy. Aman NGO partners with the poor in their development, working with the government and civil society to usher in a better and brighter future for India.

Aman NGO Street Children Project (This is a 18 year project) aim to address the issues of slum, street/working children in Delhi. The street children make a living by rag picking, bagging, run away, shoe shining, drug addicted, street vending, as domestics or casual workers in shops/restaurants. The primary target population of the project is children bellow 18 years who are involved in all types labour activities in the all Delhi slum/street area Bhati mince, Andheriya Modh, Rangpur pahari, Shastipark, Shadipur, Sadar, Madanpur Khader, Gautampuri, Wazirpur, Badli, Jahangirpuri, slum, Bhuwana, Nizamuddin, Old and New Delhi railway station, Chandni Chowk etc.

The Aman women empower project, for minority. The service peace, purity, unity in diversity and patriotism to our nation. The low awareness, illiterate and poverty stricken girls/women’s do not believe in girls/women’s participation, Hence, the broader objective of this project is to.

We would like to inform you for the 18 year major activities (for one generation ) that we will be (By the staff) conduct baseline survey, sampling survey, awareness programme, exposure, seminar, trainings, rally like children’s rights, special day celebration, home (family) visit, taking picture and video graphic for Child sponsorship (on Environment, Education, Health, economic, Sports, Culture and Skils) documentary, education and vocational centre, health checkup, rehab and counseling centre, CBOs, youth club and children group formation etc. We networking with Govt. School, Open school and planning to start the quality Education (Hindi, English and Math’s other subject in class) language classes & skill for students. We need your kind coperation, therefore please be informed and request regarding this same. Best wishes and thanks.

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Give, so that aman ngo can be kids. Be a part of our movement and help transform lives through the power of play.

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