The project have NFE centers in 4 areas with a reach of nearly 500 street and working children.

The families will be strengthened through vocational training, awareness programmes and income generation programmes where needed.

Child Protection Units have been formed in Four areas. Formation of these units in other areas is in progress

We have started “Friends of Street Children” forum who (could be any one) will support the children in prayers, or any kind of help.

They have even made special effort to keep their houses, surroundings clean and it is very visible.

They stopped keeping the garbage (that they picked) inside the houses.

They used to take bath once a week, now they are taking bath in alternate days.

200 rag picking and begging children have joined our Non Formal Education Centers.

60 beggars have stopped begging and joined NFE classes.

70 street and working children are enrolled in Open School – 3rd Std. during July, 2012.

80 children got medical check up and 18 children got laboratory test done .

150 malnourished children ( 1-6 years) were provided with nutritious food, and winter cloth etc. by ECCD Programme.

The project formed and trained 1 theatre clubs viz Children’s club members and Drugs Addicted children as part of personality development and therapy for drugs addicted children to come out from their addiction.

60 women’s are helped through IGP Training candle making, sewing and have started earning and many parents stopped sending their children for begging, rather, they sent them to Aman NGO NFE centers and even regular schools.

3 SHG’s have been formed mostly comprising of rag picking women. They feel very empowered and despite being illiterate the members now sign their names in the registers. 3 SHGs have opened account at Indian Bank on 16th July, 2012.

The project applied for a ‘ Chalta Firta School’ (school on wheels), a Child friendly bus with all multimedia from SSA, Government of Delhi which can be used in our different areas to run NFE’s for street children. Of 600 applications received we were selected in March, 2014. The project is waiting for the bus. This is in fact what we have been discussing from the beginning of this project and it is truly God’s Grace that is turning our dream into a reality. It will solve a lot of our problems on space to teach street children

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