What is child Sponsorship?

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Child Sponsorship means :






For every children’s


Health Care

Clean Drinking Water


Livelihood Training


For every Family. - (Empowered Family)


Clean Envoirment





For the community. - (Elected community )

Aman NGO Child Sponsorship programme Changes the live of thousand of children’s every year. Our vision of “To bring Meaningful purpose and well being to the lives of the people through the service, peace, purity, unity in diversity and patriotism to our nation and well being by reconciling mankind to each other and to God.” And Project vision “Provided to childhood of 50,000 street and working children in the city of Delhi by 2029 by ensuring them the five components of child rights – Education, Survival, Development, Protection and participation.

Our experience over the last 4 years has shown us that no amount of intervention in the life of a child can have lasting effects as long as the child’s Surroundings remain unchanged. Child sponsorship therefore changes a child’s life by changing the world to which he/she belongs.

Child sponsorship creates a network of partners, who in the long term help build a self-reliant and sustainable community that brings out the best in every child.

A contribution of Rs.1,000/- per month there addresses issues that promote the overall development of the child. Sponsored children along with their community are helped through education, training and awareness programme, Clean drinking water, Clean Environment, plantation, Agricultural assistance and health benefits.

Along with this, newer business opportunities are generated among poor families, so that someday, they can continue to provide for the coming generations, even after Aman NGO has left their area! Child sponsorship is there for a long-term commitment and its effects are sustainable and long lasting.

As a sponsor, you get the satisfaction of being a very important part of this whole new world ! You can keep in touch with your child through letters and personal visits and become a part of your child’s worlds child sponsorship is there for a long-term, meaningful relationship between you and a needy child!

Act. Now! Sponsor a child today!

When you Sponsor…..

Your sponsorship will provide a needy child life’s Essentials like Environment 1 Tree plantation with a child, Education, safe drinking water, basic health care, food and Immunization against killer diseases.

Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship Is a unique relationship between you and your sponsored child with environment when you become a AmanNGO child sponsor, you will help a child break free child a future full of hope. It is also a relationship that extends to the child’s family and the community, for Rs. 1,000/- a month, you can make a lasting impact.

80G Your contribution are eligible for tax benefit under section 80G Easy Steps to Sponsor………….

Step 1 : Select A child.

Select a child from the photographs displayed on this page.

OR to seek help from our relation Executive, call 9599822014,

Step 2 : Make A Commitment.

Make a commitment to change the life of a needy child, Community and Environment.

Family plant 1 Trees and grooving with child and help in Economic 100/- per month.

Remember your commitment would require your regular contribution of Rs.1,000/- every month.

Commit to transform the Society and be transformed in turn !

Step 3 : Send your contribution.

Step 4 : Enjoy the relationship .

Child Sponsorship transform’s the life of your sponsored child, your child’s family, community, Environment and it transform’s you !

Your Sponsorship will provide a needy child, life’s essentials like education, Safe drinking water, basic health care, food and immunization against killer diseases and family plant 1 trees for environment.

Together we can build a nation free of poverty, peace and give India’s children a better future. You’ll have the satisfaction of making a difference in many precious lives.

You will also receive tax exemption under section 80G of income Tax Act. !

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